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Here are some ways to increase revenue as a custom home builder and get more leads

1) Increase your marketing efforts: Invest in marketing efforts to increase your brand awareness and attract new clients. This can include traditional advertising, such as print and online ads, as well as social media and content marketing. – if you dont know how pay someone to get the job done.

Some key steps include:

  • setup a website

  • SEO - now this is a slow burn for any company especially builders as the market is very competitive, but if you pick a handful of suburbs that you want to target within 6 months you will start getting leads from people visiting your website

  • Social Media

Start showcasing your work and generate organic trafffic

Start advertising here and generate trafffic through paid advertising campaigns

Post daily!

  • Google Ads

Now this may have a high cost initially but eventually your social media and SEO will kick in and you can reduce your budget on google ads

  • Use Lead Generation Platforms, apps such as hipages & one flare can be super helpful when first starting out. but you can also go old school check out local councils recently submitted projects and pamphlet drop, call the architect setup a meeting with the owner.

2) Expand your services: as a custom home builder consider offering a wider range of services that are related to your core offerings. For example, you could add project management, interior design, or landscaping services to your portfolio. This will allow you to capture more revenue from each project and provide a more comprehensive service to clients.

3) Upsell and cross-sell: Look for opportunities to upsell clients on premium products or services that will enhance their building projects. For example, you could suggest higher-end materials, upgrades, or custom features that will add value to the project. Additionally, you can cross-sell by offering related services or products, such as maintenance services, home warranty programs, or home staging services.

4) Optimize your pricing: Make sure your pricing is competitive, but also reflects the value you provide. Consider charging for your services based on a project's complexity, your level of expertise, and the market demand for your services.

5) Build a loyal customer base: Treat your clients well, and they will become repeat customers and recommend you to others. Provide excellent customer service, communicate clearly, and ensure that you deliver projects on time and within budget. By building a loyal customer base, you can generate a steady stream of revenue and referrals.

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