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How much should you pay a construction estimator?

Lets discuss the option of hiring full time employees vs hiring the expert contractor

1. An entry level employee with minimal experience is generally worth 50-80k per year which isn’t cheap for someone you have to train but don’t have the time to. Not only will they require training they will require to be managed – that means checking in on them on a daily basis to make sure they are keeping up with the workload and getting things done – correctly!

Lets call it $70k.

2. Someone with a few years experience who can work independently is probably worth $80-150k – they too will require some training lets say at least a month of your time. You will need to spend half your time in the office for at least one month before these guys can start to work independently. They will still need to be audited occasionally.

Lets call it $100k.

3. Then you have someone who is at our skill level - who will teach you how to estimate your jobs and show you techniques that will improve your estimating strategies and your business as a whole. These guys are worth upwards of $150k, can work independently and manage a team and multiple projects. They will probably need a junior to assist them that’s at least another $50k. You wouldn’t want to be investing that much money without transferring the knowledge to a junior.

Lets call it $200k+.

4. That brings us to option 4 an Expert Estimator – such as Sydney Estimator. If you don’t have enough work or time to justify paying someone in house that’s were we come in.

Think about it like this . . . let’s say the average Double storey house costs you $1k to outsource you would need to give Sydney Estimator 70 estimates before you could even justify wasting your time with an entry level $70k estimator that you need to hold their hand.

So until you can spare a month of your time and have enough work to pay someone $100k per year – that’s 100 double storey houses.

But I’m sure your time is more valuable than sitting in the office teaching someone how to estimate a simple 2 storey house and checking in on them – what’s the point of having an estimator that you have to check their work.

Don’t be silly

Just wait till you can afford to employ a full team of estimators $200k+ and let Sydney Estimator take care of your Estimating in the mean time.

Once you start giving us more work than we can handle we will help you find a junior estimator and train them up for you or we can help you find a team.

If you are still reading than keep on reading for more details about an estimator.

The cost of hiring construction estimators can vary depending on a number of factors, including their experience and expertise. Generally, construction estimators may charge an hourly rate or project-based fee. It's important to consider the potential benefits they can provide in terms of accurate cost estimates and identifying cost-saving opportunities when determining if hiring a construction estimator is worth the cost for your project. Ultimately, it can depend on individual circumstances and the specific construction estimator that is hired.

Generally, construction estimators can play a crucial role in ensuring the success of a construction project. It's important to consider their qualities and potential contributions when determining if hiring one is worth the cost of your project. From providing accurate cost estimates to identifying potential delays, construction estimators can help with meeting project deadlines and maintaining efficiency.

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